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Problems using this website

Whilst every measure has been taken to test our website it is inevitable that some computers and software will have problems correctly displaying our web pages. To minimise the chances of problems arising this site uses only basic code to display page contents (HTML, CSS & javascript), it does not use Flash or other proprietary software. Therefore, any problems you may experience with this site are most likely to be an incompatibility with the type and version of the browser that you are using.
Examples of problems you may encounter:
  1. Your basket keeps being emptied.
  2. When you fill in registration details the site complains that you have not filled in all the fields, even when you have.
  3. Some of the images on the site don’t look right.
If this is the case then we recommend that you upgrade your browser by selecting one of the following links:

If you are still encountering difficulties or require further assistance please click on this button.

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